Working out & eating healthy… BUT gaining weight?

Firstly your brain is 100% focused on survival.

If you are trying to ‘lose weight’ your brain will do whatever it needs to do to keep YOU alive.

Hence why you will ALWAYS regain the weight you ‘lost’ after your ‘diet’ has ended.

Firstly you starved it, then you started feeding it again so weight was lost, then regained accordingly.

In fact your body is just doing exactly what its meant to do to keep you alive and something that has been perfected over milions of years of evolution.

Your body is in fact AMAZING!

‘Yes but Im NOT dieting anymore and I’m working out with weights like you said and eating healthy but I’ve PUT WEIGHT ON! ‘ I hear you say


Ok firstly…

If you gain weight when starting a new programme, it’s not fat, but more than likely temporary water weight due to inflammation.

When you are working out in a new way that challenges your muscles, you will get small tears in your muscle fibres.

Your body gives you pain and restricted movement to stop you moving too far or too fast so that the healing process can take place and the result will be stronger, leaner muscles (equals inch loss) and the more ‘active’ muscle you have, the more claories you will burn even when you are sat doing nothing!

And generally you dont feel this until around 24 hours later and then you may suffer from restricted movement and pain for another 48 hours or so.

And during this process there will be more fluid around the inflammed areas ie: water… and water is heavy!

So you WILL weigh more!

But this has NOTHING to do with FAT weight.


And secondly…

Your body is 60% water and the amount that your body ‘retains’ on a day to day basis can vary hugely depending on hormones levels and these are affected by your stress levels, your diet, the intensity of your exercise, the quality of your sleep, time of the month (for ladies) and basically every other factor that affects your daily life.

Think about it like this.

You’ve ditched ‘diets’ and you’re eating healthily and exercising regulary… and you EXPECT the same weight loss as a diet!

But you DONT get it so you get stressed out.

And as a result of this you’ll retain more water.

Then you’ll gain weight again and be heavier and get more stressed!

Its a viscious circle.

You changed your working out and eating system system but not your THINKING or understanding of whats actually going on!

So I suggest you REFRAME how you see your ‘weight’.

‘Weight loss’ and ‘weight gain’ are what your body does to keep you alive depending on the conditions and environment it is subjected to.

Starve it and weight will be lost, feed it again and weight will be gained.

Instead focus on long term health and transformation.

Be good to yourself 80% of the time and dont worry about the other 20%.

So by eating healthily and working out consistently… imagine how you will look and feel in 12 months time if you did that!

And now let me ask you this quesstion.

If in 12 months time after living your life to the 80/20 approach you had achieved a fit, strong toned body and you looked and felt great and were happy and fulfilled…

BUT you weighed MORE than when you started!

Would it REALLY matter?

To your success,

Kieran 🙂

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