Stress and how it affects results

You’re tired, overworked and when it comes down to it you’re far from happy with yourself.

And over the last few years you have put on a BIG chunk of weight {insert amount} and you LOOK and FEEL FAT.

So what’s going on

Simple answer and one mentioned above.


And it makes NO difference how often you exercise and how ‘good’ your diet is, because as far as your brain is concerned…

‘Nothing matters whilst stress is present’ (and this includes fat burning!)

And herein lies the problem.

1 – You’re stressed because you’re putting on weight!

2 – You’re doubly stressed because you’re putting on weight DESPITE the fact that you are exercising regularly and eating healthily

3 – The more stressed you get about 1 and 2, the more weight you gain (and the more stressed you get)

4 – And the more stressed you get about 1 to 3 the more the ‘f*ck it’ mentality starts cropping up.

5 – And the more number 4’s that happen, equals increased cravings and binges around food, alcohol and other ‘fixes’ and behaviours.

6 – And as a result of 1 to 5 your work suffers, your sleep suffers, your body suffers, your relationships suffer…

….in fact your WHOLE LIFE suffers (and the lives of those closest to you) as a result of STRESS!

And if you are already stressed about your weight and you decide to hammer it out at the gym and restrict your calories (ie: go on a diet) then a number of things will take place.

You will no doubt achieve that ‘weight loss’ goal because you are so focused on the goal ie: the number on the scale.

So far so good and the ability to focus on a goal is an awesome skill.


….once you finish your diet and you cut right back on your workouts you WILL put the weight back on and of course that’s just going to make you more stressed!


What can you do about this?

Your number 1 priority is to address ‘stress’.

In fact you MUST manage stress first, before diet and exercise, ALWAYS!


Because it will undermine all your efforts and ultimately stress KILLS!

Remove it and EVERYTHING will change!

And I can help you to do that!

But why should I listen to you? (I hear you say)

Great question!

Ok let me give you a bit of back ground.

In December 2005 I went to rehab for 6 months because I was drinking myself to death (literally!)

Previous to that I lived in London and was a fashion stylist working for many of the big magazines as well as working as a lecturer at the London College of Fashion.

And I was damn good at what I did!

However I was investing all my time into my work and not looking after myself and I was stressed, REALLY stressed!

My sleep patterns were terrible and I was eating terribly and I was drinking heavily.

Alcoholically actually.

Then one day I cracked and went from a functional drunk to a fully fledged dysfunctional alcoholic.

In fact I couldn’t work anymore because I HAD to drink.

And over a period of a few months I lost everything and I ended up getting hospitalised, arrested, sectioned and sleeping in a park before finally accepting that I couldn’t sort myself out and that I needed help.

And off to rehab I went for 6 months and I have since transformed my life and I now help many others to do the same.

And this was all down to ongoing and increasing levels of STRESS!

So I have experienced EXTREME stress and the consequences that go with it and I really understand ‘stress’.

And I have made it my mission in life to help men and women with busy, stressful and demanding lives to overcome the barriers in their life that are holding them back from living their happiest, healthiest and most successful selves everyday!

And if you are stressed out and can’t do what you’re doing around the likes of food and exercise with optimism, happiness and a feeling of ‘this is great’ then you’re going to lose the battle for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

Ultimately the world doesn’t change but you can change your experience in it and you want the best one, right?

And as I said I can help you to do that!

I can help you to manage the stresses in your life… first!

And that’s one of the big DIFFERENCES between what I can offer you and what a gym set up can.

And I GUARANTEE that by following the mind-set and lifestyle content that comes with my programmes that you will get OUTSTANDING results!

To your success,


P.S. Looking for some help achieving your goals and making changes in your life?

Then set up a 10 minute strategy call and let me help you put a plan in place.


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