Jacqui's Experience

What do you enjoy most about your training? And how long have you been training with us?

I have completed the 6 weeks course and have enjoyed it immensely. I like that each session is varied so I don’t get board. 45 mins is ideal as it it not too long and can be fitted into my hectic schedule. I like the small classes and that everyone is friendly and encouraging. The classes push me which is good and I now find that I push myself.

How does it compare to other gyms/fitness programess you have tried?

The gym is not for me. I have tried them countless times and get so bored. No one pushes you or even seems remotely interested in your after they have signed you up! 40 plus’s instructors are great... fun, interested, helpful with your best interests at heart. The classes are small with like minded people all there for the same thing. I have gotten to know other members and we all help one another. This never happens in a gym.

How did you feel before you started?

In need of exercise, weight loss and motivation.

How do you feel now?

Great! Seeing the much needed changes.

What changes have you seen as a result of training with us?

Physically stronger, better fitting clothes, a few pounds off, . It’s a process but one I am enjoying. It’s making me want to work harder and achieve even better results.

What would you say to someone who knows they need to do this but is sitting on the fence?

Come along and give 40 plus a try. There is no time like the present!

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