Do you ever find that you do really well with your eating and exercise for a couple of weeks at a time then something happens to break that pattern?

Maybe you have a really long, tiring day at work and come home time, the last thing you feel like doing is cooking something ‘healthy’ and you find yourself heading off for a takeaway…

…and then you end up beating yourself up for having had one! (we will look at that in another blog!)

Today we are just going to focus on a super simple strategy that will help you to stop this actually happening in the first place.

And its called the ‘if….then’ strategy.

And its about having a SOLUTION in place before the issue ever arises.

So if you are feeling really tired and cant face cooking then have a set of emergency meals in place that you know you can always get hold of.

I suggest taking a bit of time and writing down a list of quick healthy meals that you know you can get in your local supermarket(s).

For instance a ready made stir fry. Next time you are shopping check out what your local shop(s) have to offer.

Then make a list of these and link them to the ‘if… then’ strategy.

So ‘IF I am totally knackered after a long day at work, THEN I will go and get [insert meal] at [insert where from].

And then add this to the sentence too…

‘And by doing this I will avoid going for a takeaway and beating myself up about that for the next few days’

And play the scenario through in your head about what happens if you:

a.) Go for a take away = negative emotion and I beat myself up and feel like I’ve ruined all the good work I had put in up until then.

b.) Get a quick heathy meal = I employ the ‘if… then’ strategy and feel good about myself and just get on with life!

To your success,

Kieran 🙂

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