How to lose weight… properly


So the other day I had this question from a client who started their programme recently.

‘I just weighed myself and I weigh MORE now than when I started! WHY??’

Ok so you want to lose weight, you’re exercising several times per week and you’ve completly changed your diet… you are even eating salad!… but you’ve GAINED weight.

Yet there are others in the group doing EXACTLY the same exercise, eating the same as you or similar (you assume) and they are posting about losing 3, 5, 7 even 9lbs in the same period… WTF!!

Ok before we go any further with the question consider this scenario… its 12 months from now and everyone in the group has followed the 80/20 approach and eaten healthily most of the time (80%) and made around 70% to 80% of their workouts.

Its safe to say that eveyone will have made considerable ‘changes’ in their physical appearance and their approach to life in general which ‘equals’ ‘transformation’, right?

Lets look at whats going on using this example:

CHANGE is like winning a ‘Battle’ but TRANSFORMATION is like winning the ‘War’… and you have to win many battles to win the war outright… make sense?

So change is ‘short term’ and transformation is ‘long term’.

Weight loss is a ‘battle’ and its a battle that most people fight over and over again!

Going on a ‘diet’ is a battle… and many people win triumphantly with AMAZING (short term results)

But in 99% of cases they ALWAYS end up losing the war!

So weight loss is just a TACTIC, and tactics dont win the war!

War is WON with STRATEGY!

So you must adopt the right strategy before going into battle.

Back to the 12 months from now scenario… and you have completly ‘transformed’ your body and your approach to living.

In fact you have made so many ‘changes’ that you cant even imagine living the way you did before!

You achieved this by making a long term commitment to be good to yourself ‘most of the time’ ie: you were good with your eating 80% of the time and made 80% of your workouts… and you didnt worry about the 20% when you over indulged or the 20% of workouts you didnt get to.

And 80% good equals a much leaner, happier and heathier you, right?

So lets go back to the original question:

‘I just weighed myself and I weigh MORE now than when I started! Why??’

Now that you have a different perspective, based on the fact that you know if you keep doing the small things day in, day out that you will get the result that you want… then the ‘Why’ of this question has much less meaning and stress attached to it, right?

And for the answer to he original question (now you have a different perspective) hit the link below 🙂

Working Out & Eating Healthily… BUT Gaining Weight? <<<

Mindset matters most – get your mindset right first and you wont even have to ask questions like these.

So rather than focusing on ‘weight loss’, focus on transformation.

Sure weight loss plays a part and is hugely significant for many people, but unless you are on a ‘DIET’ dont make it your only focus.

The fact is that people who ONLY focus on ‘Weight loss’ are always trying to ‘lose weight’ and rarely move beyond that… and that’s called yo-you dieting!

So ditch the yo-yo and make **transformation your goal**.

To your lifelong success,

Kieran 🙂

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    4 replies to "How to lose weight"

    • Sarah

      Thanks, that was good to read. Nice little motivational nudge in the background.

      • Kieran Tomes

        Glad you enjoyed it and got some value from it 🙂

    • Celine

      Thanks Kieran, you always make me think “outside my box”.
      I am now focusing on being healthier , yes to lose weight but more to be healthier by lowering my bmi, cholesterol, and other lifestyle factors.
      Funny I always did see this as a battle, but that I would win the war. I guess that keeps me focussed too.
      I am determined to win the “war”.
      Thanks again for all your inspirational emails.

      • Kieran Tomes

        You’re welcome Celine and I’m really pleased to hear my content and emails are helping 🙂

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