How to eat what you want…

Its really important to remember food is not a punishment, a reward, a cheat or a comfort blanket.

It’s just food!

If you are eating for comfort, as a punishment, a cheat or as a reward just check that the attitude you have is only short term because a long term attitude to any of these will not serve you well at all.

Accept it, take what you need from it.!

If changing your diet makes you grouchy, bitchy, whiny, complainy and generally unhappy then you’re just punishing yourself.

Punishment is never going to create a lifelong change and long term results, so you’ve lost the battle already!

If you can’t do what you’re doing around food with optimism, happiness and a feeling of ‘this is great’ then you’re going to lose the battle for whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

Likewise if you do use food as a reward (‘I’ve been good so…’) then you’re creating a relationship that creates the yo-yo effect we all know and hate.

You’ll diet then say ‘I’ve been good’ then eat crap to reinforce your ability to NOT eat crap.

Read that again!

Your reward for NOT eating crap is that you CAN eat crap. Does that make sense?

And if you eat crap because work’s been stressful or you had an argument with your partner then realise that you’re making your body a slave to other circumstances that are not of your making or choosing, but rather because something has pissed you off…

…yet you also know that eating crap won’t STOP you from being pissed off, so what’s the point?

Look, the only reason to eat a food, ANY food is because you WANT it. You CHOOSE it!

Not as a reward, not as a punishment and not as a comfort blanket but simply because you WANT that slice of cheesecake, that bar of chocolate or that glass of wine, so you CHOOSE to have it!

Just remember to ask “Will I STILL be happy AFTER I’ve eaten it?” and if you can’t answer ‘Yes’ then give it a miss.

And if you do eat it and it makes you feel rubbish, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Just learn from it and move on!

Remember your life is a result of the CHOICES that you make and we all make good ones, mediocre ones and bad ones.

No rationalisations, justifications or excuses are necessary.

Lose the stories around food and eat what you want because it makes you happy!

Eat it if you want it and if you don’t enjoy it don’t eat it again.

It’s all down to CHOICE

…and CHOICE, NOT DIETING will get you RESULTS!

To your success,

Kieran 🙂

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