‘Whether you think you can or whether you think you cant, you’re right’ – Henry Ford.

Whatever story you tell yourself will determine the outcomes that you get in life.

Give 2 people (with the same skills and desires) that need a break the exact same opportunity does not mean that both of them will get the same result.

You have to believe that you CAN, that you WILL and most importantly that you DESERVE whatever it is that you want to achieve.

And if you believe that you CANT… then there is your answer and you wont get whatever it is that you desire.

It all boils down to self esteem and self confidence in the end.

11 months ago my business could have gone under.

I had to close down 2 bootcamp locations I had in 2 other towns in the space of 2 weeks (due to staffing issues) and pay back all the money for the month to the clients at one of them.

And I was just about to open a 4th location at the time too!

I could have given up but I didn’t.

In fact I set myself a BIG goal to have a premium personal training studio open within 12 months and my planning application has been accepted and I’m just waiting on the lease details to be finalised!

I ALWAYS think I CAN do something and NEVER tell myself the story that I cant.

Sure I’m human and I have my doubts some days but I dont let these rule me.

Its natural to question what you’re doing sometimes, but if you stay true to your beliefs and consistent through the hard times and you know exactly what it is you are shooting for then you will ALWAYS get there.

Start telling yourself that you CAN more often and as a result your self esteem will increase and the more self esteem you build up the more you will think that you CAN!

So go get whatever it is that you want.

Its there for the taking!

To your success,

Kieran 🙂

P.S. Looking for some help achieving your goals and making changes in your life?

Then set up a 10 minute strategy call and let me help you put a plan in place.


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