Having a bath can change your life

So you’ve been eating really heathily for 3 weeks and getting all your workouts done…

…then one day you get out of the wrong side of bed and have a bad day, which you round off with (no workout) and a pizza and a tub of chocolate chip icecream {insert as appropriate}.

So what happened?

‘Emotions’ happened and you felt on edge and stressed and you (subconsciously) ‘acted out’ as a result.


Because you wanted to change the the way you felt…

So what can you do differently next time?

You can have an action plan at the ready to combat this behaviour.

And that plan is…

...’have a bath’ or ‘have a shower’.


Because it will change the way you ‘FEEL‘.

So if you feel all out of sorts and stressed then when you get home at the end of the day have a nice relaxing bath or soothing shower…

…and do this STRAIGHT AWAY before you do anything else and I GUARANTEE this will change the way you feel.

I learnt this at rehab… ‘if you feel like a drink have a bath’… this is what was suggested to us…

…and it works… and you stay very clean too 🙂

I also used this exact strategy to quit smoking…

I had cut down to 1 cigaratte a day.

I then went away for a few days to somewhere no one smoked.

When I came home in the evening a few days later I had a choice.

I could either go for my ‘habitual cigarette’ or have a bath.

I chose to have a bath and I have NEVER smoked again since.

I used to smoke 30+ a day and at my worst stage of drinking I was downing a litre of vodka per day.

I’m now FREE of both and a personal trainer and coach.

Anything is possible!

And it starts by changing the way you feel.

So go and have a bath 🙂

To your lifelong success,

Kieran 🙂

P.S. Looking for some help achieving your goals and making changes in your life?

Then set up a 10 minute strategy call and let me help you put a plan in place.


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