80 20 all the way!

How to create long lasting success and happiness in life without having to give up all the things you love…

Particularly at the start of the year many people go hammer and tongs at the gym and diet furiously.

They put 100% in to their fitness and eating but it doesn’t last and after a few weeks it all goes wrong for most people.

We ALL believe that we will succeed when we start but once the motivation wears off and without a set plan, a support network and anyone to keep us accountable we go back to what we were doing before and the goals that we set ourselves become nothing more than a distant dream.

The fact is that no one can go 100% all the time anyway (or for prolonged periods of time for that matter) without crashing and burning so don’t beat yourself up when you find yourself falling off the wagon so to speak.

Instead try this…

The 80 20 Approach to Success

If over the course of a whole year you chose to live by the 80 20 rule…

As in you’re are good to yourself 80% of the time…

And the other 20% doesn’t matter and all the things that you see as ‘Bad’ that you normally get stressed about will just get absorbed… into your 20%.

Does that make sense?

Listen 20% of a year is 10 weeks – plenty of time to eat chocolate and go on a few crazy nights out and over indulgent holidays.

So rather than stressing about ‘That’ chocolate bar or ‘That’ Saturday night out or ‘That’ decadent weekend which ruined all the hard work you put in from Monday to Friday.

Do this instead…

ENJOY them!!…

…and keep moving forward and focusing on the fact that you are being good to yourself 80% of the time (as in MOST of the time! – 80% is way more than 20%, right!)

And your 20% is actually the key to your long term success!

80 20 all the way!

So make the most of it!

Now if you were focused on living 80 20 most of the time and every few months you decided to focus 100% on your diet and exercise for a few weeks, 2 or 3 times per year, then you would maintain your results at 80 20 and UP them when going for it at 100%.

To your success,

Kieran 🙂

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