6 Week Blitz Taunton

Who is it for?

If you are a motivated man or woman over 40 and you are looking to take control of your health and get into great shape...

Then our 40 Plus Fitness 6 Week Blitz programme in Taunton will help you to get some great results and lay the foundation for long term transformation.

Just motivated men and women like you working hard to improve their fitness and well-being in a supportive, friendly & fun environment!

NO Mirrors, NO gym bunnies and NO treadmills!

What our training is like

John W

Having recovered from major brain surgery in 2017 I was keen to take my health and fitness more seriously. After a professional introduction by Kieran I was hooked. The classes are well structured and I obtained excellent results. I love the fact that you turn up and you’re finished within 45 minutes. I train at 6am and it doesn’t interfere with my day.  I would recommend Kieran and his first class team to anyone. The people I train with are really friendly and you feel like you’re part of a team.

John W

So what's the cost of this Programme?

To train with us on a personal 1-2-1 basis costs around £40 per session, so 3 sessions per week over 6 weeks would cost £720....

However, this is a group personal training programme and delivers great results like 1-2-1, personal training, but the cost will NOT be £720.

In fact the entire 6 week programme with 3 sessions per week is just £79.

Which works out at around £4.40 per session.

Join our 6 Week Blitz

If this sounds just like just what you have been looking for and you have tried gyms and classes but just not had the experience or seen the results that you want or deserve...

...despite the effort that you have been putting in, then join our 6 week programme and kickstart your journey of change.

Get started on any Monday (except if its a bank holiday).



Monday, Wednesday & Friday
2 of 18 spaces available

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
10 of 18 spaces available

Not quite sure and want to talk to a human first?

No problem, just click on the link below to set up a short phone call with Kieran at a time and day thats suits you 🙂

What some of our 6 weekers think

Becky T

I love the variety of each session, the mix of trainers who all have their own individual take/ideas on exercises and of course I enjoy the company of my fellow victims!!...


Gary D

I've been with the 40+FC for five weeks now, and thoroughly enjoy the sessions. Im full of vigor, just feel so much better in myself and sleeping better!


Shelley H

Mentally I feel more positive and committed to making other beneficial changes in my life...


Carla E

I particularly like that this is a 40+ group, as I find it less intimidating and judgemental and don't feel that I have to keep up to unrealistic goals...


Stella W

More positive about my future health. I am starting to feel more toned and less lethargic. My mood has lifted...


Jacqui T W

I like that each session is varied so I don’t get board. 45 mins is ideal as it it not too long and can be fitted into my hectic schedule...


Kirstin B

I enjoy the small group training without the competitiveness as we are all supportive of each other...


Karen R

Physically I am regaining muscle tone plus sleeping better. Mentally I am much happier...


Nick N

I love the feeling of well-being after each session. I really appreciate the feeling of getting stronger/fitter/healthier that has occurred at a surprisingly fast pace. ...



WHO is this REALLY for?

We specialise in training men and women who are motivated to take control of their health and fitness and get into shape for the longterm and are looking to train in a supportive, progressive and fun environment

There are 3 coached sessions each week and this is a results and commitment focused programme

And while we understand, that other stuff goes on in life and you might not be able to make every session, if you are just looking for pay as you go or can only make 1 or 2 sessions a week, then this is not the right choice for you

Where are the sessions and how long are they?

The sessions are at 40 Plus Fitness Club in the Taunton Fight Club Facility.
Unit 4, Station Approach, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1QP

Our sessions are 45 minutes on average

When does the programme start?

Your 6 weeks starts on the Monday you begin and runs until the end your 6th week, which will be a Thursday or Friday depending on which programme you join

Unless Monday is a bank holiday in which case you can start on a Wednesday

What do I need to wear and bring with me? And what facilities are there?

We suggest that you wear comfortable training kit and trainers. A small towel is also a good idea and you should always bring a bottle of water with you. There plenty of parking on site, accessible toilets, but no showers

When are the sessions?

Mon, Wed & Fri at 6am
Mon, Wed & Fri at 9.30am

Is this suitable for beginners as I haven't exercised for a while?

Many of our clients are concerned that they are not fit enough to start, but thats just a normal fear and you will see noticable changes to your fitness, strength and overall well-being within your first 6 weeks with us.

The training we do is quite high intensity and challenging, but you will not be expected to work beyond your own abilities

Our workouts are designed to get you results and we offer alternatives for exercises where appropriate and all our sessions are coached

Overall if you are motivated and prepared to work at a level that challenges you, then you will do well with us

Is this a weight loss programme? Is it suitable for someone looking to lose a substantial amount of weight?

Our programme is focused on long term health and fitness and whilst weight loss plays a big part for many of our members it is not the main focus

If you are just looking for weight loss, or you have a substantial amount of weight you would like to lose we suggest looking at a more appropriate programme that is weight loss focused

Disclaimer, Your Privacy & Our Terms

Before undertaking any physical activity it is recommended that you consult your doctor and the products and services we offer are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

Also please note that individual results do vary.

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